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Philadelphia's Main Line

Latest Issue — Q3 2023 Report

A Message From Our CEO

“Déjà vu. noun a feeling of having already experienced the present situation.”

We’re looking at yet another quarter where housing inventory and the number of homes sold keep decreasing, while home prices continue to rise. Is low housing inventory causing fewer sales and an upward pressure on prices? Or is it interest rates?In some ways it’s a chicken-or-egg situation. We wouldn’t have one without the other, but regardless of which came first, they are very much interrelated. Here’s a summary of what’s happening with each market dynamic. Find out what all of this means for the Philadelphia's Main Line real estate market in this latest edition of Market Insights.

Larry Flick V

Chief Executive Officer


– By The Numbers –
Q3 2022 compared to Q3 2021

Home Sales
Pending Sales
Number of Houses for Sale
Average Sale Price